Make a difference in an animal's life today!

Make a difference in an animal's life today!

donate money

Many times we get a bunch of puppies at one time and they need time & love!  Time would be helping bathe, get rid of ticks and of course just being held. While you are visiting Costa Rica, come and lend a helping hand!


Sometimes it just takes the message to get to that one person who can help!  So Like us on Facebook, Tweet about us or anything else you can do...feel free to spread the word!

donate love

donate supplies

Money is always the #1 item we need here at H&H.  We need help with food costs, vet costs and funding to do spay & neuter clinics. Anything you can donate will help so please make a difference today!

spread the word

Are you going to be coming to Costa Rica or do you live here?  Either way you'll most likely be passing by one of our volunteers areas and we need "stuff"!  Click the link below and see our full wish list...thank you for caring!