Money is always the highest in demand for Vet visits, medicines and food. Donate now!

Donate Supplies

Coming to Costa Rica? We're happy to come to the airport or if you're traveling around the country, chances are you'll pass right by one of our volunteers or Foster Families us so donations of needed items are welcome! Email us today! 

Thank you!

2 Easy Ways to Help

Welcoming Committee

These 4 dogs help each new comer feel welcome and show them the rules! 

Doris Cichanowski-Luby

Living her dream come true by helping animals here in Costa Rica!

Dr. Mario Cruz

He helps us in every way and has a huge heart! 

Ken Luby

Provides love, walks & more love to these animals in need! 

Meet Our Helpers


We treat every animal that walks through our doors as though it was our own. 


Our main focus is small dogs as there are a TON of them here in Costa Rica but we do rescue cats as well.  We tend to find the cats foster homes elsewhere so the dogs can "learn to be dogs" once they arrive to be given their second chance.  

We've been brought bags (literally) of puppies from the streets and those that have been confiscated from bad homes & abandoned buildings.  Many times we get a bunch of animals at once so we have an amazing Dr. we count on as well as local volunteers.  This is our dream come true, to help animals and give them a second chance.

See more about us and our helpers below...  

Who We Are...


You do amazing work, I met you in CR this summer.  Look at all the dogs you've saved & placed...bless you!  



We have the best community and have volunteers come whenever we need help!

Whenever H&H needs help, we jump in to do whatever we can.  Doris & Ken are amazing people to work with!


Adoptive Parents

We couldn't keep doing this if we couldn't find forever loving homes!

We are so grateful to all of you who helped rescue these adorable pups. They are now a very happy part of our family! ​Molly